The GimmeFIVE program was launched at the 35th UAW Convention in June 2010 by President Bob King, the newly elected International Officers and Regional Directors, and the UAW Local Union Delegates. GimmeFIVE recruits and engages members in a new and innovative mobilizing program to Organize, Build Power and Win Justice for our union and community. TOGETHER WE WIN!

The first step is to, sign up for the program. You will receive a confirmation with information to track your activities and when to expect your official GimmeFIVE button. GimmeFIVE program activists can report their progress in activities by texting 99795, or by using their login on the GimmeFIVE website.

Each time you complete a task you will be rewarded for your hard work with a new button. The goal is to get the official GimmeFIVE and collect all five buttons… Organize, Mobilize, Power, Community and Justice Buttons. This website will help you connect with other GimmeFIVE registered activists to find out about events and other ways to help you complete your activities for each category. Each UAW Region will compete for the highest level of GimmeFIVE activism and will be acknowledged for their hard work at the Community Action Program (CAP) Conference in January 2012.

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Fax in this form to report activists if you can't do it online.

  • Organize

    Participate in Five (5) activities through your Region supporting new member organizing. Example: attend organizing meetings, gate rallies & show support for unorganized workers.

  • Mobilize

    Participate in Five (5) activities through your Region in mobilization activities to support workers fighting for justice. Example: contract campaigns & labor-related community campaigns.

  • Community

    Wear your union colors (UAW insignia) and participate in Five (5) activities through your Region in community involvement activities. Example: Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchens & Big Brother/Sister.

  • Power

    Sign-up Five (5) other UAW members to participate in GimmeFIVE Program. This is the key to our success and showing the broader public our strength.

  • Justice

    Participate in Five (5) activities through your Region Community Action Program (CAP). Example: lobbying, attend political rallies & GOTV.


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